about an accidental advocate + coach

a brief history


I'm Susan, an accidental advocate. That name emerged once I came to terms with the 

hand we were dealt with food allergies.  My husband and I are parents to some strong girls who have taught us a ton! My oldest made me a mom. Her younger sister has been a puzzle from the very beginning and taught me to be an advocate for her. 

how I got here


 My path advocating for safer beauty started with our second baby's eczema + sensitive skin.  I decided to join a company to have safer products for my family to use and appreciated their 100% transparency with ingredients. The fun part was building a team because it introduced me to coaching others.

an accidental advocate


 Our little one's food allergies and medical visits have been a normal part of our routine. I 

definitely didn't chose it, but stay busy with

 appointments, reading labels (personal care + food) and educating others. Being her advocate is such important work and has shown me how to be a resource for others.

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I was feeling worried and overwhelmed when Susan gave her time generously to help me navigate a difficult situation. She is trustworthy and insightful, and she helped me both to clarify what was happening and find possible avenues forward. She encouraged me to listen to my heart so that I could then make the necessary changes as well as to accept—even embrace—the things I could not change. She helped me to see what was important. Things are going much more smoothly now after working through it with her, and I am incredibly grateful.


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Susan is a life coach who specializes in food allergies, label reaching + supporting caregivers who are overwhelmed with advocacy.

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